Flying with Baby

Flying to any destination is possibly every parent’s worst nightmare.

You don’t want your little one in pain so you hope their ears will handle the altitude changes, and you’re hoping they will be cool, calm and collected on the plane ride itself. The unforgiving stares and audible complaints we parents get from baby-less passengers is always fun to look forward to.

My tips for flying with baby? Read on!

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Guess who is back?

Welcome to the new year, Mother Muses Fam! It’s been a while since I last blogged, but for good reason.

We went on an amazing holiday to Florida and (of course) Disney World (our happy place). We arrived back just before Christmas, so you can only imagine the chaos that reigned in our lives for practically the entire month of December, and then for the new year of 2018! Anyhow, I am back and ready to rumble!


I have some great content for you around travelling with baby, so keep a close watch to this space over the next few weeks. I’ll be chatting about travelling on a plane, planning a vacation, food choices, health and safety, packing, and of course creating a schedule that allows both you and baby to enjoy the vacation to the max!

I’ll be covering a bunch of other stuff too, so don’t worry if Travel Tips aren’t your thing. All I can say is “Stay Tuned!”.

Until next time,

Pray and Slay