Reducing your CARBON footprint

Hello my Lovelies!

It’s been a minute since my last blog post – wow! Upon entering #lockdown I had this vision of writing a new post every day – ha! Famous last words… moving on to today’s topic, I wanted to write about ways to live a Greener life. The wonderful giveaway on my Instagram page (July 2020) is focused on promoting a lifestyle of LESS. Less plastic, less waste, less money!

I have always been a mini-environmentalist since a young girl – wanting to recycle whatever I could, re-use instead of throwing away, and save the whale vibe. It breaks my heart when I see the plastic and waste that fills our rivers, oceans and landfills that are purely from a lifestyle of “fast and cheap” instilled by our current society.

That being said, I believe it takes conscience steps from every one of us to make this change – the governments and corporates won’t make these changes until we do. Every little change helps, no matter how small, and this ripple effect will influence your family and friends to do the same.

Below are some awesome and easy steps that you can take to change your current lifestyle to be more environmentally conscience:

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Our Visit to Gold Reef City Part 2

Did you know that you can STAY & SLEEP in the Gold Reef City theme park? Nope! Neither did I!

There is a hotel, beautifully decorated with tales of yesteryears, nestled perfectly between the East and West sides of the park, right across from the ‘Old Sweet Shop’. Blink and you miss it – the Hotel is themed perfectly with its surroundings, you don’t notice it until you look for it! I took a peak inside and was stunned at the décor… as you step through the door, you’re taken back in time. It truly is wonderful to see Hotels like that! (History Nerd Alert!)

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Our Visit to Gold Reef City Part 1

I hadn’t been to Gold Reef City Theme Park in YEARS. A friend of mine recently went on a business trip and stayed at the Theme Park Hotel. She mentioned that they had expanded the park slightly and added in a few new rides. After visiting Disney World, you aren’t really that interested in seeing other theme parks, but on a whim,  I decided to book tickets and take Anastasia for her first Gold Reef City visit.

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#KonMari – The craze everyone is talking about

If you’ve been on social media in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen your feed filled with neatly folded little stacks of clothes, boxes of skillfully packed utensils, and the hashtag “KonMari” and “Spark Joy” flying around.

The Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ has triggered this flood of sudden decluttering and tidiness, with many people claiming that her methods are bulletproof and life changing.

Let’s throw a spanner into this, shall we?

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#BudgetMom – Debt Free and Investing

I will admit, it’s an odd time of year to suddenly jump on the ‘debt free/saving all my moola’ train… Christmas is a few weeks away, and brokeass-January follows hot on its tail, but hey, if not now, then when…right?

Let’s start with my weekly savings plan… For the next 52weeks (1 year), I will be putting away a certain amount each week. I read about this savings plan in a book once, and it stuck with me. The formula is pretty simple to follow – you start with R10, then add another R10 to the previous week’s total, and follow that formula for 52 weeks. So eventually, in your last week,you would be saving R520 when you started by saving R10. Below is a preview to outline it, in case my explanation doesn’t make sense:

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